Vignettes are like the haiku of the LEGO world. Usually built on a base 8 studs wide by 8 studs deep, vignettes show a little scene or a moment in time. But like written poetry, there’s plenty of variation on the basic theme.

-from brothers brick

My First Vignette : Batman Climbs in a Black Hatch Cover*

my first vignette #lego

*unfortunately, micromanagers were harmed during this shoot


Included in this shoot: decapitated Micromanager from Lego Movie Metalbeard Set 70807, Sheng Yuan Batman Minifig


Iron Patriot #TriviaThursday


Iron Patriot Captured Vignette

In this not-quite-accurate vignette from the movie Iron Man 3, Iron Patriot has been captured by Aldrich Killian, and he’s getting ready to open the suit up to get James Rhodes out of it by any means necessary.

Did you know that the LEGO Iron Patriot minifigure can only be found in one set? Click on for more …

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