Greeka Kouzina in Kapitolyo, Pasig


greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

It’s #TacoTuesday! on a Saturday!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

There’s a new Greek restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig and we wanted to try it out. It was already late in the afternoon – 2pm – we’re starving and we had the place for ourselves. Good thing service was fast!


greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

Not a moment later, we got our salad! It’s a …

President Business: WAIT! This is NOT acceptable! Why are we posting a TacoTuesday post on a Saturday?

And why are we using a mexican taco guy to present a greek place? Why not post this on a Tuesday? Why not call this a SouvlakiSaturday instead?

BADCOP! BADCOP! I need you here!

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