What If Darth Vader Quit The Dark Side? #MayTheFourth


It’s May the Fourth, Star Wars Day! This year, talk turns to the continuation of the Star Wars saga with a new trilogy (Episode VII to IX), picking up on the story after the Galactic Empire was defeated.  A lot of stories had already been written about what happened after, but now word is the new trilogy rewrites all of it!

It’s time then to speculate on alternate endings.  What if Darth Vader had decided to quit the Dark Side before the end, what would we find him doing?  Read on for more …

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New iPhone Size Unveiled by Stark


Tony Stark unveils the next iPhone.

New iPhone Size Unveiled by Stark

Tony Stark: “For years, Apple have been trying to perfect the right size for the iPhone. Trying, until they asked me to design the latest one. I’m really excited about this. Here it is, the new iPhone Mini. It’s the perfect size for your claw hands!”

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