minifig scuba diving on #triviathursday


i went scuba diving in anilao last weekend and decided to bring some bricks with me to the dive. specifically, my scuba diver and its diver propulsion vehicle. i would have wanted to bring an original lego minifig down with me but the lego scuba diver minifigs are no longer available locally (or at least not in any of the stores i checked). but then again it would “hurt” more to lose an actual lego minifig compared to losing a lego clone.

i was pretty excited for this shoot. as far as i know, there haven’t been any photos of minfigs actually scuba diving (of course, i could be wrong). i thought to myself, just bring the minifig underwater and take a few shots with the underwater camera, easy right? turns out it wasn’t as easy as i thought it would be 🙂

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