Greeka Kouzina in Kapitolyo, Pasig


greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

It’s #TacoTuesday! on a Saturday!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

There’s a new Greek restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig and we wanted to try it out. It was already late in the afternoon – 2pm – we’re starving and we had the place for ourselves. Good thing service was fast!


greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

Not a moment later, we got our salad! It’s a …

President Business: WAIT! This is NOT acceptable! Why are we posting a TacoTuesday post on a Saturday?

And why are we using a mexican taco guy to present a greek place? Why not post this on a Tuesday? Why not call this a SouvlakiSaturday instead?

BADCOP! BADCOP! I need you here!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

UHMMM!! You’re not BADCOP? Where is BADCOP? What’s the matter with everyone?

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

He’s on leave sir, the tacos did him! I’m Chief Wiggum and I’ll cover for Badcop. And I’ll probably do a better job than him.

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

WOAH! Look at that Fig Arugula Salad! It’s a BIG plate! They didn’t hold back on the figs nor the arugulas! Looks loaded with walnuts and sweet salty flavours! YUM!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego


Uh oh! Looks like they started without us on the Beef Souvlaki! Smokey and tender! YUM! I could eat this again!


greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

And it comes with a huge SIDE of Lamb Ragu! Eeeeps! We’re stuffed! No room left for desserts!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

Nice interiors though! White walls and blue painted wooden chairs and lots of outdoor light makes for some homey greek eating! Reminds me of the wonderful vacation we had in Santorini which we never had!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego

Everything is Awesome!

greeka kouzina #manila #food #lego


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