V-Wing: The Empire Begins



Before TIE Fighters became the iconic weapon of the Galactic Empire, Episode III Revenge of the Sith tells us the frontline starfighter was the Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing. It was hard to tell there was such a connection, in the angles this model formed it looked more like a Jedi Starfighter or an A-Wing, except when viewed head-on. Here the menacing design does foreshadow the machinery of the Empire in its outline.

I’ve been inspired by photos by Avanaut (Vesa Lehtimäki) ever since I started shooting brick toys, and wanted to pay tribute to his LEGO Star Wars photos. I wanted to try making a photo along the lines of his series of LEGO starfighter posters. Since the Prequel Trilogy is something he did not cover, I decided to give that era some of the Avanaut treatment.

To shoot the V-Wing with the ‘menacing’ lighting, I needed harsh light directly from behind and above. An overhead lamp did the trick for the main light. For the backlight, I had to be a bit more clever and used a semitransparent white polycarbonate board to diffuse light from a flashlight. To make the light really harsh, I overexposed the photo. The V-Wing was mounted on a stand of transparent bricks, which I erased in postprocessing.

In this photo: LEGO Star Wars 75039 V-Wing Starfighter


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