AARRRRR!!!! I live in a tropical island.

Lego and Amazon doesn’t ship to our island. If ye there are legos here, expect ye a high mark up of 30% than what you get online. NASTY PIRATES and GOLD DIGGERS!!!!!! This is when the crew decided to use some 3rd party shippers (cough!! cough!) to hold ye stuff until we fill up our tresherrrrr!. So how do ye plan for ye tresher chest with limited dimensions and how would you know they’d fit without resorting to sophisticated 3D software?


Doing some planning...

Suppose you are allocated a certain dimension for your box (say ~20x23x5.67 and you’d want to maximize all the space for the legos you need. This is how it looks like.



add some Gliffy, imagination and some drafting class credits and voila!



Shiver me timbers!!!! IT FITS!!!!



ARRRRRRR!!!!! It was not meant to be! Our orders were cancelled and based from pirate tales, the marketplace had been restricted!!!!  ARRRRR!!! abusive merchants and pirates!!!! Seems Lego don’t trust 3rd party shippers!!! ARRRR!!! How about our balloon cart booty!?! baaaaaaaah!!!! Off to explore the jungles of Amazon then! ARRRRRR!!!!


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