Iron Man Tries Online Dating


Iron Man Tries Online Dating #MehMonday

Billionaire bachelor Tony Stark needs Rescue from Pepper as he discovers the hard way that the online dating world is full of chatbots. In retrospect, filling in his dating profile as Iron Man was going to yield a strange match.

For this photo, I used Cloud Cuckoo Palace as the background, just because the Lady Robot is a master builder that appeared there in The LEGO Movie. The female Iron Man armor that Pepper Potts has here is also interesting, as it is one of many designs that is not a copy of LEGO Iron Man minifigs, likely an original design from Sheng Yuan, depicting Pepper’s Mark 1616 Rescue armor. LEGO’s official version, depicted in the Marvel Superheroes game, is similar but remarkably different (see for yourself below), and was never made into a physical LEGO minifig.


In any case, I like Sheng Yuan’s take on it, and it pairs well with LEGO Pepper’s head and hair!

In this photo: LEGO Series 11 Lady Robot, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Mk 42, Sheng Yuan Iron Man Mark 1616 (with LEGO Pepper Potts’ head)


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