What If Darth Vader Quit The Dark Side? #MayTheFourth


It’s May the Fourth, Star Wars Day! This year, talk turns to the continuation of the Star Wars saga with a new trilogy (Episode VII to IX), picking up on the story after the Galactic Empire was defeated.  A lot of stories had already been written about what happened after, but now word is the new trilogy rewrites all of it!

It’s time then to speculate on alternate endings.  What if Darth Vader had decided to quit the Dark Side before the end, what would we find him doing?  Read on for more …

Business Vader

As Business Vader, he would have been ruthlessly persistent … at finding process improvements to lower operating costs and deliver more value to his galactic enterprise.

Hard Hat Vader

As Hard Hat Vader, he would likely do fine with the hard work and long hours, but as a foreman he may have problems maintaining a full roster if he keeps force-choking his workers for shoddy workmanship.

Fire Chief Vader

As Fire Chief Vader, not only would he be ready with his own breathing equipment, he would also be an authority on surviving fire, having the benefit of first-hand experience.


As BatVader, he would have had a lot of experience playing the role of a mysterious, brooding, caped dark knight. Except he would have to do something about his noisy, heavy breathing.

Dad Vader

As Dad Vader, with his questionable morals and checkered past, some may say he would be grossly unfit to care for children, but his kids would have had a lot of fun messing around with The Force. It would have turned out a lot differently if Vader had given it all up to change Luke and Leia’s diapers.  But Luke would likely still end up losing his hand anyway!

May the Fourth be with you!

In this photoset: LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader minifigure helmet and head, on top of various other minifigure bodies: Mr. Business, Emmet, Fireman, Batman, Where Are My Pants Guy


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