AARRRRR!!!! I live in a tropical island.

Lego and Amazon doesn’t ship to our island. If ye there are legos here, expect ye a high mark up of 30% than what you get online. NASTY PIRATES and GOLD DIGGERS!!!!!! This is when the crew decided to use some 3rd party shippers (cough!! cough!) to hold ye stuff until we fill up our tresherrrrr!. So how do ye plan for ye tresher chest with limited dimensions and how would you know they’d fit without resorting to sophisticated 3D software?


Doing some planning...

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Big Abe at MPO


Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!

Four scores and thirty years ago.. This was once a glorious place.


Abe Lincoln reciting his speech at the Manila Post Office facade.

Hopefully, the privatization of this establishment will stir a new growth in the area.

Mayor Erap, what say you?

Set Review: LEGO Microfighters 75028 Clone Turbo Tank


Clone Turbo Tank Microfighter 4/5

One of only two LEGO Star Wars Microfighter sets from the prequel trilogy (Episode 1-3), the Clone Turbo Tank is also one of the few Microfighters that can only be loosely considered ‘starfighters’. It is a curious choice for the first batch of Microfighters alongside X-Wing and TIE Fighter models, but it does appeal to fans of the Clone Wars. Besides being a bite-sized model of the precursor to the AT-AT Walker, the set includes a Clone Trooper in updated Phase 2 armor.

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