Obadiah’s New Armor #MetalMonday


Another Monday, another product launch. Obadiah Stane is on stage to present Stark Industries’ latest weapon. Click on for more …

Obadiah's New Armor 1/3

Obadiah Stane: I’m very proud to announce our most awesome invention ever. It is the pinnacle of weapons technology.  I bring you … the Iron Monger!

Obadiah's New Armor 2/3

Tony Stark: Obadiah, this looks really familiar, like the hunk of junk I made from a box of scraps in A-stan. You remember, the armor I’m even a bit embarrassed to call Iron Man Mark 1?

Stane: Hahah, Tony, this is Iron Monger! It’s all new and totally authentic!  He’s kidding, everyone!

Obadiah's New Armor 3/3

Stark: Nah, this is definitely Mark 1. It has the same poorly printed stickers all over it. I remember cause I nicked the same sticker paper you always use for your face mask—

Stane: Alright that’s all for tonight everyone! Thanks and buy the totally legit Iron Monger! ( Cut the stream! )

About this photo: The LEGO Iron Man Tony Stark minifigure is joined by a MOC Obadiah Stane and Iron Man Mark 1. Obadiah is made up of the body of a LEGO Movie Executron minifigure and a flesh colored head with a printed decal. The Iron Man Mark 1 is a LEGO Series 9 Alien Avenger minifigure whose arms have been swapped out with black ones. A printed Iron Man Mark 1 decal covers up the alien’s face and the other greenish portions of the alien armor. The figure holds a red 1×1 tap.


One thought on “Obadiah’s New Armor #MetalMonday

  1. Wesley

    Hi there, im trying to complete my MCU lego collection and that Obadiah Stane head is perfect!

    How can i get my hands on one of them?

    Cape Town
    South Africa

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